How To Make friends once you leave the Playground!

So a while back one of my work friends posted on Facebook that someone really should write a guide on how to make friends once you’ve left the playground! Something she is currently struggling with due to anxiety caused by an unpleasant recent event 😦

Well she’s right! It is hard, especially when you work in the film industry like ourselves, you only meet people in work because socialising does not exist for us outside of the set … it is sad we know! But not just for us, for everyone after they leave school, it is so easy in school but once you reach adult hood its a whole new ball game…

So as a little joke I took it upon my self to write one for her … I made a PDF and everything 😉

I decided as I went through my documents that I would share it with you guys!friends-fingers

How To Make friends once you leave the Playground!

Step 1: Find a Male or female of which you feel you may like to make friends with
Step 2: Engage eye contact and smile ( This body language helps to tell the person you wish to engage in conversation)

Step 3: Once eye contact and smile have been returned Attempt to begin conversation with “Hello, How are you?”

Step 4: Continue with small talk such as commenting on the weather, or querying their current activity, is there a common situation that has brought the 2 of you together?

Step 5: Allow conversation to flow, if the conversation flows easily you can gage weather this person is someone you could talk to easily throughout the coming months and wether you truly feel there could be friendship! … Listen to your Gut!

Step 6: If this is a person you run into frequently, suggest going for coffee, therefore giving you an excuse to exchange phone numbers or add them on social media

If this is someone you may not see again, but really clicked with, Grow a set and ask for their number or add them on Facebook! 😉

Step 7: Allow your friendship to blossom and see over the next year if it is a temporary or life long friendship!

All Friendships help you grow, Some are great, some are toxic, listen to your gut to find out which category some of your friends and future friends fall in too.

Good Luck And Lots of Love, Your friend Joanna ❤


Food road trip!

* stomach growls in hunger!!*

I’m reading the Dresden files … YAY MAGIC!!! 

 So I’m in the car on what is a 2 hr drive, turned into a 2 1/2 hour drive due to diversions off the motorway! We are headed for dinner at the glorious Ramore, what my family describes as a simple Resteraunt but with AMAZING food and beautiful snazzy simple decor! 

All the food is cooked to perfection and they are the masters of desert! (The desert are divine and HUGE!) and everyone knows chocolate fudge brownie wins my heart … Especially when it comes in slab form! 😱Yum *drewls in anticipation* 

So yoga update! I can touch my toes again!! 😁 woohoo!! I can just about return to doing hand to toe pose, and the best part! I am managing my chaturanga every time now! Even after my arm/shoulder workout! I’m so happy with this! 

The downfall with my arm workouts is the next day … Tension headache! I feel it’s due to my scoliosis, shoulders are so rounded that everything moving is causing tension and upsetting my body’s usual pain threshold levels! Hopefully in time, this will stop! Does anyone else have this problem? Stretching just isn’t helping, it gives tempoary relief of 3 mins! Same with essential oils :/ and the second my head hit the pillow my jaw was clamping shut! I had to give in to the painkiller and search for my mouth guard (I look so sexy 😉 haha) and close my eyes for an hour!  If anyone could share this with gym/yoga friends to help me out I send much love! 
My stomach is eating itself I swear …. Still about 30 min out … And there’s always a massive waiting list… And it’s a Friday! 😂 Oh well Worth it!!! 

Seriously people que up for 30 mins before it opens at 5pm! And the Wye continues all night until they have to turn people away! There’s a number system people!!! It goes beyond buzzers! Lol 

❤ Joanna

Pamper time! Recipes and relaxing…


Sunday Pamper time!!!!!

Step 1 … Shower, Wash hair, Shave, Scrub!!! Then scrub some more! 🙂 We all want the silky smoothhhss! I advise making your own sugar and or used coffee and olive oil …  Then Body butter!!!


I make my own Body butter with my Young living essential oils and sometimes my homemade magnesium oil! And here is how I make it:


-Organic Shea butter 1/4 cup

-Organic cocoa butter 1/4 cup

-A carrier oil like almond or soya bean oil 1/8 cup

-Essential oil of choice… mood dependent! 10-15 drops

I am currently using YL stress away blend mmm smells good!

STEP ONE melt the butters and career oil together in a pot! (double boiler may be the better option)

Let it cool down in the fridge  and then start whipping with an electric whisk (this can sometimes takes a while! :/) Once whipped up add in your essential oil of choice and dispense into your container, best to leave it for 24 hours to allow the oil to really infuse.

I will touch base on the magnesium info another day … ;P

*She leaves to do everything she just typed*

Now that that has been done and I’m all clean onto the face … Since my face has just had the ultimate steam, I am going to give myself a facial scrub and mask! DIY of course 😉 If anyone wants to know what I make/use comment below.

Then I’m thinking manicure and pedicure … its been a long time since I last did that hehe

Last on the list … HENNA!  I Don’t have any modelling jobs booked until next month finally allowing me to put my henna back on!!! WOOHOO!!!

This is what i had for a month while filming last summer, Totally gave myself a Pocahontas inspired design … There may have a zelda triforce symbol on my wrist … Maybe! *cough* Can’t wait to put it on again!
I’m away to relax! … Bye peeps!


Essential Oils & Yoga…!






How you doin? *Joey voice*

Sorry … So first things first,  Arm day was a success guys!!! It was also at 5:50am in the morning! You heard me! I had to leave my bf off to get a lift to set and ended up at the gym at the bottom of the road 1 min later! ZzzZZz

I was there until 7:10? I think… did some yoga to end it, as i can finally do a forward bend again! Just in time for another leg day! xD HELP! Anyway I did some scrummy sun salutations and a few poses like pigeon and some seated twists. 🙂 Happy!

Anyway as titled this post is about Essential oils and at the bottom YOGA UPDATE! So Essential oils are my saviour at the gym! From the lemon oil in my glass water bottle to the muscle blend I made for after! No sore arms for Jojo (the d.o.m.s are just to strong in the legs theres no helping them! lol) ok tiny bit of next day tenderness, but I could take of the sports bra no problem … Thats all that is necessary!

I always have either fresh lemon, ( and bicarb of soda) or a drop of lemon essential oil in my water, it really helps to keep the energy up and help the body eliminate a few extra toxins as you work out! And for after I made my own roller ball blend Lemongrass ( the all mighty ligament healer!!!!) Peppermint (because well we all know its awesome smelling, and cooling and helps with any inflammation from micro tears) and Balsam fir ( this is just an all around goody for tired muscles post gym) I mix em all up with about 10 drops of each and fill the rest with a carrier oil and leave it blend overnight (24 hrs is best) then roll away as and when it’s needed! 🙂 relief is bliss!!

I use a brand called Young Living and for all you organic & natural health lovers who want to kick the medicine cupboard to the curb? OH MY !! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!! Completely organic, sustainable, no chemicals, all steam distilled, hand harvested and planted by the distributors! Its one big happy helpful family! They are so giving to their customers and I can get you 24% Discount ;D Yeahhhhh!

Seriously though their seed to seal garnet is amazing, and if you have any trouble they ALWAYS send out a little sorry sample packet or a little 5 ml lavender or lemon! They really are so giving!

Im called a distributor, but really I’m more of a teacher, with a few added bonuses, you still order for yourself on their site its just a diff system if you want you 24% discount! I just get a few extra points to claim off stuff I buy for myself! So if your thinking of ordering some or trying out one of the cheaper oils like lemon? Pretty please use my id number when you sign up! PRETTY PLEASE!!!

I really advise you check them out, also if you decided to get THE AMAZING STARTER BOX!!!! I would really appreciate you get it as you sign up! It gives me a small bonus and well … you know I’m broke! … Stone … cold …. Broke! Love you!

My Young living ID : 1773729

But seriously! Check out my FB Page where I do giveaways and teach you how to use your oils for you health and your home! Give it a like Or maybe send me an email and I can tell you a bit more about the oils and what you need personally!

Oil Hearts Facebook :

Oil Hearts Email :

Lemon is a great example, you can put it in your water, you can bake with it ( Yummy lemon bars? ;)) or you can use it as a powerful cleaning tool to kick dirt and grime! Whiten your teeth? So many uses! And to show you how powerful they are  … e.g. 1 drop of peppermint oil from YL = 22 cups of peppermint tea! Yeah!!! Just imagine what thats doing to help your body!!

Now YOGA!!!

I always use my oils for yoga too, Obviously only in my home practice. I use mostly Yl’s Blends rather than single oils, depending on my mood, i will use ‘Joy’ over my heart, and maybe ‘Stress away’ at the back of my neck or if I’m a bit not worked up but more fidgety a bit of excess energy ill use ‘Vetiver’ or ‘Peace & Calming’  to centre myself, and bring myself back into my practice. Help dispel all the thoughts we all get creeping into our minds on the mat!

This photo from Erin Motz the original ‘One Bad Yogi’ 🙂 and the reason i fell in love with yoga … sums up everyone on the mat haha

Is this as blurry for you as it looks on my editor? :/

I am still trying to find the right yoga practice for me … Vinyasa is just too rigorous for me atm I feel flow takes a lot of fitness that I haven’t built up yet. Im probably a Hatha girl really, But I recently thought to kick start my strength and flexibility I would try doing the astanga primary series? :O HARD after 30 mins I stop doing the jump backs xD But knowing the shoulder stands are on the way Seriously excites me and keeps me going though the entire hour!

This Is the Video I decided to follow!

I like to hang out in the same pose a while, love to feel my spine stretching ( Not convinced it is tho scoliosis just like Nope! nu uh girl! HA!) (Well i’ll show you scoliosis!) Who doesn’t! … Actually i know a few people who find yoga painful, I just tell them, your pushing the stretch too far AND  shows how much you need it! Am I right?

I dropped a spoon in the dishwasher last night, missed the tray so reached to pick it up … scratched my arm over the vegetable knife -_-  … It’s now rubbing off the edge of my laptop as I type! 😥 ouchy!

Any of you use Young living already? And whats your favourite style of yoga? I would love to know 🙂 leave me a comment


Red lipstick at the gym!

Bonjour mes amis,

So Your wondering …. red lipstick at the gym? :/ What? Why? Are you crazy?

Well yesterday I had a photoshoot in the gorgeous Flow Yoga Studio in Belfast,(Think they will see my previous post & give me a free sympathy session or two?) such a beautiful serene studio space on such a glorious sunny day! A major rarity in N.Irleand. Well for the first shot it was a pretty natural look, then for the 2nd I got to put on some goegeous red lippy… 4:30pm Wrap…. To the gym I go!

So I arrive at the gym and ofcourse the red lipstick stained, soooo long story short  was the girl with red lips, … in the gym …. at peak hour …. with all the after work gymies! Mistake! …. -_-

I ALWAYS go to the gym around 10/11am in the morning for 2 hours, leaving just as the lunch time people come in on thier breaks. So let us just say I am not used to the crowded gym! What was supposed to be a core day was a weak, half hearted attempt at some russian twists before walking back and forth to the locker room feeling like a lost puppy, a lost puppy that EVERYONE WAS STARING AT! Note to self, as pretty as you may look, do not wear red lipstick at peak times, it grabs too much attention!

The lips after the gym!

And here is what i originally had I planned to do!

My Bad attempt at making a gym plan xD

I think I managed 1 set of all of these due to ZERO SPACE! There wasn’t even carpet space!

So in the end the only thing I managed full sets of were the Russian twists at the very start and woodchopper super sets at varied heights at the end! 😦 sigh for busy gym sufferers everywhere!

Think I will stick to my morning workouts thanks!

I want a girly six pack 😭

Anyone want to help me make better plans?

❤ Joanna


And so it begins …

Hey everyone!

Welcome to The Winged Yogi blog 🙂 Where I will blog about … well my life! Some Yoga, some gym stuff, some makeup and organic skincare stuff, and life! Random things … sound good?

Hmmm … some background perhaps?

Hi there … I’m Joanna, I am a Makeup Artist for film & television, a Prosthetic/Sfx Artist ( I sculpt, mould & apply my own stuff, Yes I could make you elf ears!) and a Model. 🙂

I love yoga, but honestly like all I lazy with my practice *smacks back of Jojo’s hand* be honest i am not the only one.

I have Scoliosis, for those of you who don’t know what that is, its a curvature of the spine, so basically instead of a lovely straight spine and the usual bad posture! I have a lovely C Now developing into an S shaped Spine resulting in not bad, but terrible posture, Luckily it hasn’t caused me too much pain until recently, last 2-3 years, which is why i finally joined a gym and smiled with relief when I found yoga. (Just as I type this a Manduka email comes in … IF ONLY I could afford their home package with that big black square beauty of a matt!!! … Problem with being boney …yoga matts are always too thin for shoulder stands, that one looks pretty thin …. I’m getting distracted!)

So tomorrow is Tuesday … and I am headed to the gym 😀

I am excited … I am not sure why, but I am! I think its because its core day, I love core days, Sunday was a leg day. Which you know … I don’t mind, I actually kinda like it unlike most, I hate the day after leg day -_- Usually I always stupidly do a leg day before I go skating and honestly, thats not smart! NEVER DO LEGS BEFORE FIGURE SKATING TRAINING!

I loose all ability to skate, do not expect me to do a teapot (one legged squat in the ice world, Pistol/Piston for you gymies … totally just made that word up ) well for obvious reasons! Do not expect to see my amazing spiral (that pretty thing where you arch your back and hold your leg up high behind you … makes me feel like a professional 😉 ) because clearly my ass is on fire at the thought and just don’t anticipate any of my jumps to work because i can barely do a turn guys!

Seriously … Just call me Bambi!

Have I mentioned Figure skates weigh a ton … its like wearing an ankle weight! Solid leather and steel is not light!

My coach asks why I even go to the gym … then I show him my teapot progress and my spiral improvement and I say “Thats why!!’ with a wink of course! He’s Scottish, and gay and i love him! 😉

UM where was I? Gym yes … I go to Pure gym, Its modern, the equipment is all self powered! (how awesome … You have to cycle for a few seconds before it blinks on! Eco bonus!) and its cosy and friendly! The staff are all helpful and encouraging, its very hard to feel self conscious there!

I joined the gym honestly because while I lived in London I built up the muscle in my whole body without realising due to my job. I left home halloween time 5’9 i returned for easter holiday standing at 5’10!!!! Unfortunately since i moved home and didn’t upkeep that my spine moved again/worsened and i’m standing at 5’8.5 😥 very sad.  So, to the gym I march.

I Had a personal trainer for a while ‘Beardy Pete’ 😉 but I currently cant afford a cup of coffee … let alone the £25 (Quite discounted for me) price of a session with him. I also ended up really sick and could not go to the gym for nearly 2 months. So as of Sunday I sat down, wrote a plan (the first week anyway) and off I went … they also had an open day so I dragged my sister with me, for that I think I should get an achievement award.

Now I will tell you all what I do at the gym when I go, but do bare in mind my plans aren’t the best to base your own plans off …

1. Being the obvious, I am not a professional trainer and cant be held responsible for anything you choose to do following reading my gym & yoga blogs, You should get professional advice before doing any of the exercises

2. I spend 2 hours in the gym 1hr 15 exercises, 30  min yoga cool down, and then get changed showered whatever! Most of you probably do not want to be there longer than an hour … and I only go 2-3 days a week.

3. I’m skinny, really skinny, I loose weight easily and struggle to gain it! So my gym days are aimed at building strength and muscle weight rather than loosing weight, and are a mix match of what I’ve done in my PT sessions. My skating 2 days a weeks is the only cardio I do other than my warm up because of those weight reasons! I lost a stone in my first 2 months of skating and I cant afford to loose that sooo, that was a little scare that sent me running to the gym for muscle!

… My ass and thighs are on fire by the way, totally look like a pregnant lady trying to sit down, hand out for support, wide legged, minus the bump! :/  Where is my Devils Claw gel? Ouch!


Hello world!

So I posted my first post … then saw this below for the world to see Oops!

Well you can all just pop up to my actual first post above titled ‘And so it begins…’ 😛

Happy reading

A message for the world, to me, from the blog site … silly me!

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Happy blogging!